The two-minute bridge

The new bridge over the St. Croix River is taking longer to construct than expected, but this time-lapse video, just released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, is still a riveting testimony to the industriousness of humans.

This, as you probably know, was a hugely controversial project. Is it too soon to evaluate whether it’s destroyed the river scene as was predicted?

  • Gary F

    Let’s build it right.

  • boB from WA

    I really like stuff like this. Thanks Bob

  • Thomas Mercier

    Eh, all that engineering sure contributes to the wild and scenic nature of the river as I’m sure the noise of vehicles racing to their destination will as it echoes up and down the river.

  • dds

    Since the new bridge is situated between a sewer treatment plant and the Allen S King Power Plant, I don’t think it will really detract from the wild and scenic nature of the river.

  • Nathan Hunstad

    I really wish there had been a bit more grandeur with this bridge, specifically by not having any piers in the middle of the river. By my ruler on Google Earth, that’s like a half-mile suspension span, not much at all (Google the Carquinez Bridge for something that would be very similar). Expensive? Maybe, but put a toll on it, it mainly benefits Wisconsin exurbs anyway. It would be far more grand than what they are building now, but Minnesotans never seem to want impressive structures aside from sports stadiums.