Freshman band kids booted from bowl game

The deep budget cuts in the University of Wisconsin system have hit the band kids. It’s always the band kids.

WISC TV reports that all of the freshmen in the UW marching band have been told they’re not going to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego with the rest of the squad. That leaves 85 members and staff members out.

“When all of us found out we were pretty upset, so all of the freshman trombone players went out to get ice cream and spent rest of the day together,” said Dani Wetter, UW Freshman and band member. “I had to call my parents and let them know not to get tickets.”

“The students gave an awful lot this year and the set that as a goal and to have that unrealized, I felt like a real cad,” Band Director Mike Leckrone said.

He said even if someone were kind enough to pony up $100,000 for the kids, it’s too late to get hotel rooms and make the travel arrangements.

It’s the first time in Badger history that the full band hasn’t attended a bowl game.

The kids practice 10 hours a week as part of the band.

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