Considering the growing threat posed by Agrabah

There’s a new poll out with questions surrounding the Middle East and the so-called “war on terror.” But before we talk about them, please answer these questions.

How did your answers compare to those who answered the survey from Public Policy Polling where 30 percent supported bombing Agrabah and 13 percent are opposed while a little over half just aren’t sure yet?

There is no such place as Agrabah, at least outside of the Disney imagination.

The polling firm tucked the question deep inside one aimed at Republican preferences in the presidential campaign. In the survey, 54% favored banning Muslims from the United States, 47% opposed shutting down mosques, but about the same percentage favorited registering all Muslims in the United States.

Seventy-one percent described themselves as somewhat or very conservative.

The news of the phony question angered people who said PPP wouldn’t have asked Democrats if they favored allowing refugees in from Agrabah, to see if they were equally clueless on the question. That’s why I included it here.

It’s safe to say, however, that PPP probably has something in mind for them too. We’ll see.

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