Trick or Treat 2.0 united a West Side neighborhood

Photo:  Misty Leonida

A few days ago I told you about plans in a St. Paul neighborhood to hold a second Trick or Tweet night because a young man had a seizure and missed out on handing out the candy at his home.

Misty Leonida’s son, Eli, 13, thought it might not be a bad idea to use the occasion to raise money and awareness for the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation during Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Judging by Misty’s message on her Facebook page, the west side of St. Paul is now very much aware. And very cool.


This is EXACTLY what we needed – to just enjoy time with friends, neighbors, & family – just enjoy life!!

All of you made this possible!! All of you cared enough to come out & make this happen. For this, I thank you!! For all of you, I am grateful!!

I watched my son enjoy himself tonight, not care about things for awhile, & be himself without a worry for awhile tonight – all thanks to you!!

I am forever grateful for this!!

This past week brought fears, worries, & changes for our family – especially Eli – that we never expected or even thought possible.

Tonight gave us something else to focus on & made a difficult, unexpected situation a little easier to deal with & accept!!

And, I am truly grateful for this!!

The fact that you cared enough about my son – someone most of you never even met – renews my faith in this world. To know that there ARE people in this sometimes cruel world that STILL care for others – strangers at that – makes me weak with happiness!!

We met many people tonight & EVERY one of you left as a friend!! We hold your kindness close to our hearts!! Please know if we can EVER repay the favor – NEVER hesitate to ask…we are here for you just as you were for us!!


I cannot express it enough…you are ALL rockstars!!