The Black Friday fights

And we’re off…

  • Khatti

    Yeah…I just stay in the house on Black Friday–where it’s nice and safe!

  • Gary F

    “We’ve been here since Tuesday night”


  • Postal Customer

    New Yorker had a good article about Black Friday today. The idea is getting long in the tooth to a lot of people. Online shopping is becoming more and more the thing on this day, it’s expensive to open earlier, and customers are realizing the deals aren’t that good.

    Pretty soon these videos will be hard to come by 🙂

  • DotWonder

    since TUESDAY?!?!? how much is your time worth?

  • Mike Worcester


    Thankfully I work on Black Friday — not retail either thankfully — so I can just sit back, watch, and both laugh and cry at the same time.

  • Rob

    Many years back, when Santa Bears from Dayton’s were all the rage, my mother-in-law dragooned me to go stand in line on Black Friday to get one. There were hundreds of people waiting, and there was virtually no crowd management. Images of the fateful Cincinnatti Who concert of 1979 flashed into my mind as the crowd surged, and dozens of people, including me, came perilously close to being forced over the side of the escalator — and onto a display of glass tables below — in the crush. I had a chat with the store managers post-event, and told them to cough up for some crowd control next time. Don’t know if they took my advice or not; that was my first and last time getting anywhere near the Santa Bear insanity.

  • Jack

    This is why I go to work (non-retail) on Black Friday. In fact, won’t go to a mall or non-grocery store until after Christmas.

    Black Friday at work – nice and quiet. Getting caught up on all those administrative functions that I’ve been putting off. Posting this during a leisurely lunch at home.