Last wish granted: Man sees new Star Wars movie

Photo via Daniel Fleetwood GoFundMe page.
Daniel Fleetwood, 32, of Spring Texas, is dying. He has cancer and he’s in his last days. He was given 1-2 months to live in September.

He’s also a big Star Wars fan, but he’s not likely to survive long enough to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when it opens in theaters on December 18.

But he made it his last wish: to see the movie.

(Video link)

His wish raced around the InterTubes, even catching the attention of some of the original Star Wars actors, who also appealed to LucasFilm and Disney to make it happen.

Yesterday, they made it happen, his wife reports.


It’s such a good story, of course, that newsies have picked up on it and have been hounding the family for interviews in Daniel’s last days.

So now there’s a new wish at the Fleetwood house: Stop.