‘Jetman’ flies alongside an Airbus

On the list of great jobs, we’re going to have to put Yves Rossy’s. He’s a “jetman.” He flies around with a jetpack on his back, making appearances at various air shows as he did two years ago over in Oshkosh, his first public flight in the United States.

You can make a few bucks as a jetman. His latest endeavor is an online commercial — released yesterday — for Emirates Airlines and its Airbus 380.

There are a couple of takeaway messages here. First: Sure, you can take Emirates Airlines, but why not just strap a rocket on your back instead? And second, holy cow there’s a lot of smog in Dubai.

Anyway, here’s how they filmed this thing.

Rossy and his colleague, Vince Reffet, are answering questions about their feat on their Jetman Dubai website.

(h/t: Michael Olson)