In the shadows in the halls of enlightenment, racists lurk

There is no place in America where people are safe from the racists among us.

Ronald Sullivan knows that. The Harvard law professor who is one of the nation’s foremost experts on criminal law was nonetheless surprised today when he walked into the offices of the Harvard Law School and found all of the pictures of professors of color defaced.

The vandalism came in the wake of a protest on campus against alleged discrimination and racism.

Hours later, other students removed the tape and replaced it with love notes.

  • MrE85

    Offering more proof that while evil and ignorance exist everywhere, so does goodness and kindness.

  • Gary F

    And with all the news about what has gone on in academia in the last few weeks with U of Mo, Yale, U of Kansas, Dartmouth I could see it both being true and a trumped up falsity from within. Why not Harvard, seeing what went on a Yale and Dartmouth this week? Did they feel left out ? When your argument fails, play the race card.

    If it was a true racist act, evil and ignorance exist everywhere, why would Harvard be different?

    • lindblomeagles

      While I respect your right to your opinion, there should be no question, at this point in time, that racism still exists. Harvard was already under criticism at the end of last semester, by Asian students. The student protest Harvard had resulted from that as well as other events, which NPR and MPR, and Bob himself, have been reporting, certainly within the last two years, and assuredly since President Obama’s second term. That somebody defaced pictures of the faculty of color should not come to a surprise to any one ACTUALLY following college campus stories. Moreover, your opinion is not helping the climate change. Your adding more fuel to the fire by doing what has commonly been done throughout most of US History when it comes to people of color = not taking them seriously.

  • KTN

    Must have been outside agitators, HLS students would never do that.

    • John S

      The rabble got into the HLS halls? The nerve!