Does this casket look familiar?

There are many mysteries along the roadside.

There’s the single-shoe, of course. How did it get there? Is there a person driving somewhere with only one sole to their soul?

In Renton, Wash., some years ago, someone called the cops when they found a glass plate with two eggs, an unknown plant, grains of white rice, several pennies and an unknown hard, white, rock candy-like substance, according to the Renton newspaper. Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen that.

Then there’s that typical casket along the highway.

It was found near Friendship, Wis., west of Tomah, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office reports on its Facebook page.

We’re pretty certain it did not come out of the ground, and there have been no reports of zombies in the area. According to a local Funeral Home, used caskets are sometimes sold to private individuals for haunted houses, displays, etc.

So, if this fell off the back of your truck over the weekend, get in touch with us. It’s a little creepy, and we’d like to get it back to you. #WheresMyCasket

For the record, the casket was empty when it was found.

Update 3:10 p.m. – The mystery has been solved, the sheriff reports via Facebook:

The owner of the casket has come forward, and we have verified his claim. The casket didn’t fall off the back of a truck, but it did fall out of a boat that was being pulled by a truck. The owner has asked that we respect his privacy and not name him on social media. He will soon be reunited with his errant casket. Thanks to everyone for sharing this mystery on Facebook, and a special welcome to the many new Facebook friends we’ve made as a result of this story.

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  • Rob

    I hope the locals are on the watch for vampires…

  • jon

    “For the record, the casket was empty when it was found.”

    Dear lord, They opened it!

    I’ve seen my fair share of movies, this can only lead to a curse of some sort! Glad I don’t live any where near Friendship WI, whole highway system around there is probably haunted by now… even the town name sounds like something from a bad horror movie.

  • Gary F

    It looks pretty beat up, hinge broken and it doesn’t seal right. It isn’t mine.

  • Jasper

    “According to a local Funeral Home, used caskets are sometimes sold to private individuals for haunted houses, displays, etc.” OK, that’s easy to understand, but what I really want to know is: What constitutes a USED casket?! I wasn’t aware you could find used caskets for sale!

    • John

      I believe that, for example, people who are planning to be cremated can rent a casket for visitation prior to cremation. That would create a used casket.

      • tboom

        Used casket dealers prefer “pre owned”.

        • ec99

          “I’m Earl Scheib. I’l paint any casket any color for $19.95.”

        • John

          “pre-occupied” (as opposed to preoccupied, which is what the person who dropped this one on the side of the road had going on.)

          • Jack

            The whole thing just creeps me out. Glad you answered Jasper’s question – I was thinking the same thing as he was.