As season collapses, things are picking up for some Packer fans

Photo: Nathan White via

Dastardly, those Green Bay Packers fans among us can be.

It’s Packers-Vikings week and Boyd Huppert at KARE 11 has found an outrageous assault on the sensibilities.

A Packers fan adopted a highway in Northfield.

Sure it’s clean and spiffy until our eyes are blinded by sign trash.

“It’s all about territory,” Dave Antonneau says.

He and a group of fans of the team trying to pick up the pieces of a season, pick up trash along the road twice a year in exchange for the in-your-face sign MnDOT puts up on their behalf, which, for unexplained reasons, is still there.

“I did have a Vikings fan stop and throw trash at me so I could pick it up,” Lynn Ziegler says, as if there’s something unusual about that.