Discovery Channel blows up ‘Mythbusters’

That’s a wrap. There are no more myths.

So Mythbusters will soon be no more, it was announced today.

Having cut the cord, I’m not sure what’s left on the Discovery Channel worth watching, but I know this: It was all downhill once Mythbusters blew up a cement truck, which Jamie Hyneman acknowledged in a 2006 interview was his favorite explosion.

  • MrE85

    It was a fun show. Last year, in Episode 209 – “Moonshiner Myths” — they tested to see if ordinary vehicles could run on homemade moonshine (they can, but the newer models did better). AOM.

    Oh, and they also blew up a shed. Because America.

  • Jim E

    Will this finally silence the “airplane on a treadmill” wars?

  • 212944

    The “Border Slingshot” is also worth checking out. Such a ridiculous premise, such a worthwhile payoff.

  • Al

    Best family show ever. Ever.