The grave robbers of Hastings

It doesn’t cost that much to buy a pot of mums, so why are people stealing them from a grave in Hastings?

Gary and Kris Rothers buried their daughter, Abby, in August in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish cemetery on south Highway 61 in Hastings. They visit at least once a day, so they know precisely when pots of mums disappeared: last Thursday and again on Friday.

“The first time, I was very sad – I thought, ‘I lost another part of Abbey,’” Kris Rother tells the Hastings Star Gazette. “Then the second time it happened, it was more anger. How could somebody be so cruel? I’m very sad and outraged that people can do that. This is what we have left of our 30-year-old daughter, and you can’t even leave that alone?”

They’ve replaced the flowers, attaching plastic handcuffs to the pot and they’re hoping Hastings residents will keep an eye on things.

“I hope they are enjoying the flowers more than us, but I doubt it,” Rother said of the thieves.