Tales from the seat-belt crackdown


On its Facebook page today, the Minnesota State Patrol provides a little shaming for the anonymous driver who was cited during the Patrol’s crackdown on seat belt non-usage.

The driver and passenger of this vehicle were cited on Wednesday by a trooper near downtown St. Paul for not buckling up.

Secure your cargo but the seat belt is for you, not your load. Join the crowd and buckle up. Minnesota’s observational seat belt survey shows 94 percent compliance.

Extra seat belt patrols are on Minnesota roads through Oct. 25.

The pallets, the seat belts, the popped hood, the license plate that’s falling off… points for ingenuity here, sir.

But what’s the story here? If that’s your car, get in touch with me.

  • Reminded me of this:

    • Jeff

      Beat me to it. I was reading there was 10 – 80 lb bags of concrete in the back seat too, but then looks like they had their seat belts.

  • Jerry

    I can’t imagine why someone who doesn’t have access to a truck would need 11 pallets. I don’t see them being forklift owners.

    • My first reaction was that it was going to be firewood. It’s a bad idea to burn pallets as firewood, but there you go.

      • Jerry

        That would be the logical assumption, but I’m not sure logic has any place in that photo.

    • Veronica

      One word: Pinterest. Do you know how many pins are there that require the use of pallets?

  • Katie Burger

    I’d like to know how they got them all loaded and secured up there.