Root River Trail pie shop may close

While you think about whether you really want to go to work today, let’s just plant this idea in your head: Run a pie shop, instead.

Whalen, Minn., is at DEFCON 1 because it’s signature pie shop may close in a couple of weeks, the Rochester Post Bulletin says.

Maggie Gergen, a retired St. Paul school librarian, bought the place 11 years ago and is ready to retire again, so she’s put the place up for sale. Last day: October 18.

It’s kind of a big deal in town.

The shop resides by the Root River Trail. Most of her customers are cyclists.

“What I always think is this place was a pie shop before I came along, and it will be a pie shop after I leave,” Gergen tells the PB.

$250,000 and it’s yours.