Renoir? You call that art?

We're not iconoclasts! Renoir Just Sucks At Painting! #renoirsucksatpainting

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Max Geller has a sense of humor, but he also thinks Renoir is a lousy painter.

So he combined his two passions yesterday in an ironic protest outside Boston’s famed Museum of Fine Arts, protesting that a Renoir or two graces its galleries.

Geller has the Instagram account, “Renoir Sucks at Painting.”

“They have dozens of beautiful masterpieces in storage that could be on display. But instead they’re choosing to exalt Renoir’s treacle to the level of high art,” Geller told the Boston Globe. “It’s an act of aesthetic terrorism.”

“I’ve been thrilled and alarmed at how serious people are taking this,” Geller said. “But I definitely think Renoir is the worst painter. You go into a museum and every painting is super awesome — except the Renoir.”

Oddly enough, the Museum of Fine Arts had no comment.

We are raising up an entire generation of Renoir Truthers. #steamingpile #renoirsucksatpainting

A photo posted by Renoir Sucks At Painting (@renoir_sucks_at_painting) on