Milaca cop says restaurant cook refused service

Hardee’s has reportedly apologized to a police officer in Milaca, Minn. who says a cook refused to make any food for her because she’s a cop, the West Central Tribune says.

It allegedly happened on Tuesday, Jackie Minks, an officer with the Milaca Police Department, wrote on her Facebook page. Minks posted on Facebook that “a cook … refused to make food for me today because she doesn’t like cops,” the paper said.

The post continues: “When I talked to the manager about it she dismissed it as ‘silly’ and said she wasn’t going to do anything with the employee.

“I asked for the phone number of her general manager and she said she didn’t have it. I asked for the phone number for the headquarters of Hardee’s, she told me to ‘look it up on Hardee’’ ”

Hardee’s has not publicly commented but several posters on Facebook claim a company official apologized when they complained. One said the employee has been fired.

Neither the company nor Minks is talking.

Update 2:24: Officer Minks says the company has apologized to her directly “and wants to make it known to all law-enforcement officers that this kind of discrimination will not be tolerated at their stores.” She says she is satisfied with the response.

Update 5:42 p.m. – Had a very nice chat with Jackie Mink who says she was in the Hardee’s in the first place to buy dinner for a person who was stranded because she’d arrested the driver of a car in which the person was a passenger. The cook (not Hardee’s) refused to make the food so the manager of the store did. The company has apologized and she says she’s grateful for the support she’s received from all over the country. She’s updating her Facebook page and I’ll provide her comment later.

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