Libraries ‘trash tweet’ in baseball playoff rivalry

There’s little more tiring than the cliched “bet” between politicians in cities involved in postseason play in sports.

But librarians? That’s an entirely different story. They understand the art of a rivalry.

It’s not a crowd normally associated with talking trash, but libraries in Kansas City and Toronto — their two teams are vying for the chance to face the Mets in the World Series — are doing the tradition proud in the most literary way.

The library in Kansas City fired the first salvo after the Royals pummeled the Blue Jays in the fourth game of the series…

Toronto’s public library took it lying down.

And just before last night’s fifth game in the American League Championship series, the Kansas City library was feeling cocky.

The Pickering, Ontario public library rallied to the defense of its big-city colleague…

Alas, the Toronto Blue Jays dispatched the Royals 7-to-1, prompting the Missouri library to eat raven and quote Monty Python.

Back to you, Toronto Public Library.

It’s Public Library Week in Ontario.

Game six of the series, however, returns to Kansas City tomorrow night.