How not to lay people off

Among my favorite stories about layoffs that didn’t happen to me (the ones that did aren’t in my “favorites” list) is the college friend of mine who was an afternoon disc jockey (we call them “hosts” nowadays) in Vermont.

He was listening to his radio station while taking a shower and getting ready for work. He found out he was being laid off when the announcer promoted another person in his time slot. Tough business, this radio stuff.

And this social media stuff, too.

Twitter today laid off 8 percent of its staff — about 336 people.

One of them learned about it. On Twitter.

The memo from company boss Jack Dorsey was, as he described it, “jargon free.” It was still full of jargon.

Do you have any “favorite” layoff — I mean: “efforts to make us smaller and nimbler” — stories to share?