A timeout for WWII vets

Here’s your daily moment of sweetness…


In Bossier City, La., the sheriff’s office was working security at a high school football game the other night — you know how kids can be and all.

Seven World War II veterans — six men and one woman — were guests of the Parkway High School Varsity football team. They’re residents of the Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home.

The players were heading for the huddle after halftime when No. 83 — that’s Chase Hill, a junior — diverted a little focus from the huddle and spied the old-timers on the sideline. So he sprinted over to shake each vet’s hand, according Lt. Bill Davis, who snapped the photo and stuck it on the department’s Facebook page.

“I didn’t do that for attention,” the kid wrote on the page, acknowledging the praise he’d gotten. “I did it for my heroes.”

  • Gary F

    too bad only one kid did it. I would have hoped both teams would have joined him.