A Minneapolis restaurant is closing, and life will go on

Another high-visibility restaurant is closing in Minneapolis, prompting cries of pain on social media.

Vincent will close at the end of the year after a 14-year run.

Chef Vincent Francoual says he wants to try something new.

But he gets big points today for putting the closing of a restaurant in perspective, with his quote to Star Tribune foodie Rick Nelson.

“I’ve been rethinking my life and, after a lot of reflection, I’ve basically just decided to move on to something new,” he said. “This is more of a life decision than a business decision. It’s a bittersweet thing, yes, but it’s not sad. Let’s put some perspective on this. Sad is cancer. Sad is bodies of refugees washing up on the shore in Greece.”

Whatever Francoual’s new thing is, let’s hope it somehow involves occasionally reminding us how good we’ve got it.