You take your chances following a truck in Minnesota

A driver in Melrose Montrose, Minn., was minding his business on Highway 12 this month, the Minnesota State Patrol reports on its Facebook page today. That’s when this happened.

Photo: Minnesota State Patrol.

A trailer hitch fell off a truck and crashed into his windshield. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been bombarded with the flotsam and jetsam from trucks on Minnesota highways.

This story is a good reminder to pay attention. Your best defense when encountering an usual event while driving is being attentive and scanning the entire roadway ahead of you.

And remember: Check that all items are securely attached to your vehicle. This includes spare tires, toppers on trucks and cargo carriers. Anything that could become loose should be regularly checked for safe securement.

The truck driver didn’t stop. Also not a surprise.

Photo: Minnesota State Patrol.