You take your chances following a truck in Minnesota

A driver in Melrose Montrose, Minn., was minding his business on Highway 12 this month, the Minnesota State Patrol reports on its Facebook page today. That’s when this happened.

A trailer hitch fell off a truck and crashed into his windshield. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been bombarded with the flotsam and jetsam from trucks on Minnesota highways.

This story is a good reminder to pay attention. Your best defense when encountering an usual event while driving is being attentive and scanning the entire roadway ahead of you.

And remember: Check that all items are securely attached to your vehicle. This includes spare tires, toppers on trucks and cargo carriers. Anything that could become loose should be regularly checked for safe securement.

The truck driver didn’t stop. Also not a surprise.

  • MrE85

    Today’s NewsCut Lesson: Toss more pumpkins, fewer trailer hitches.

  • kevins


  • boB from WA

    The miracle of safety glass

  • Mark

    A little clarity, please. Was the driver from Melrose and on Highway 12 or in Melrose on a different road. Highway 12 and Melrose are nowhere near each other.

  • Jack

    Just plain scary. I once worked for a company that lost part of a load on the highway and had to pay off the person who ran over the parts.

    Me – I either back way off when approaching a questionable load or speed up (changing several lanes if available) to get around.

    Never will forget the ladder on 94 back in the early 2000’s – almost hit that one.

    • John K

      Westbound center/right lane East of St. Paul near the Layfayette bridge? Or are ladders a common thing? I almost got that one.

  • jon

    Driving my then new car out of the dealer ship the first thing I did after merging onto the highway was dodge a stack of 5 gallon buckets falling out of the back of a truck…

    The good news is power steering, and traction control worked.

  • Ben Chorn

    I’ll never forget the first time I watch the video of a man driving down the road and a brick falls off a truck and goes through the windshield, hitting his wife in the passenger seat. She died instantly. The screams are enough to haunt anyone, and enough to make sure you pay attention while driving.

    I’ll spare you the depression for today and not link it.