TV anchor reunited with kindergarten teacher

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

Cory Hepola, the KARE 11 morning show anchor, has reunited with his kindergarten teacher.

She’s 90 now and if there’s someone who deserves a happy retirement, it’s everyone’s kindergarten teacher.

When she retired, Lorly Schik hoped to travel the country with her husband. But he died unexpectedly and eventually she left Perham and moved to the Twin Cities to be nearer family.

Lorly began teaching in the 1940’s, and over the years she made a positive impact on hundreds and hundreds of lives. Amazingly, she seems to remember nearly every single student that walked through the door of her classroom. That’s how she instantly recalled Cory, that dark-haired kid in 1988, her second to last class before she retired.

She smiled as she watched her former student on KARE 11 Sunrise. And, then, she got out her pen.

She wrote her former pupil a note. And they reconnected.

“My Mom told me I cried on the last day of Kindergarten because I found out you wouldn’t be my teacher the next year,” Cory said.

“And, here we are, crying again!” Mrs. Schik answered.