The vanishing ’60s pop culture

This has not been a good 24 hours for our childhoods, Baby Boomers.

Judy Carne died yesterday, it was announced. You’ll want to sit down for this. She was 76.

She was about as connected to pop culture in the late ’60s as anyone, as the so-called “sock it to me” actress on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, which specialized in short-attention-span comedy, and challenging network censors.

After Laugh In, she became addicted to drugs, the New York Times says. She became a recluse and when she died, she left no immediate survivors.

And Martin Milner is dead, too.

He starred in Adam 12, the Dragnet-like spin-off about being a Los Angeles cop.

But that’s not what he’s best known for.

This is: Route 66. Give a guy a sunny day, a Corvette, and the open road, and anything is possible.

Milner and George Maharis traveled from town to town, picking up odd jobs and tackling a social issue or two, fairly rare for the time.

He was 83.