St. Paul gets some space love, too

We’re not sure how complaints make their way into space. But after International Space Station astronaut Kjell Lindgren posted his beautiful shot of Minneapolis, someone across the river must have called to say, “Hey, would it kill you to snap a picture of St. Paul while you’re up there? Geez!”

Lindgren delivered this morning with a lovely shot of Minnesota’s capital city.

All is forgiven, Kjell!

  • Gary F

    And it shows all the road construction through Highland and Mac Groveland. Can’t get there from here.

    • Jerry

      Seriously. Was there a major arterial road in St. Paul that wasn’t torn up this year? Ford Parkway, Snelling, Robert St, Kellogg, East 3rd, Warner Rd, Lafayette Bridge, and 35E. Orange cones as far as the eye can see.