Minneapolis from space

We always love it when someone in the International Space Station bothers to look down and get excited to see Minneapolis-St. Paul.

It happened today.

We confer “one of us” status on astronaut Kjell Lindgren because his three-year residency in emergency medicine was at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where he was the chief resident in 2005. Other than that, his Minnesota pedigree is a tad thin.

The orientation of the photo might be different than what you’re used to seeing. So here’s the annotated version.


For the next few days, the International Space Station will be visible during early-morning passes over Minnesota.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)

Update 7:45 p.m. – Reader “David” has spotted something interesting. He writes:

After rotating the image roughly 115 degrees to the right and looking at the image right side up, I eventually focused in on North Minneapolis and wondered for a moment about the lighter shaded area.

Then I realized this was/is the path of the 2011 tornado. In your version of the picture, it starts just to the right of the bottom middle, and traveled to the left to where you marked “94” where the Camden area bridge crosses the Mississippi.

Correction: The area marked “Como” is actually Midland Hills golf course. Rosedale is just below it.

  • Al

    Did you label the map yourself, Bob? I like it. Hydrologically speaking.

  • jon

    Am I the only one that tilted my head to the left?

  • Mike

    Great, even NASA thinks we are fly over country.

  • Jeff Skrenes

    And the astronauts’ first comments upon seeing Minneapolis from space were, “What the hell is a Kmart doing THERE?!?!”

  • KTFoley

    Am I reading correctly from today’s new coverage that Peter Bell, formerly of the Metropolitan Council, resigned his current position as chair of advising panel to the Minneapolis Park and Rec Board over the panel’s preference to change the lake’s name to the Dakota version?

    • I think he’s more interested in the wonky side of things.

  • Matthew Schneider

    Bob, that which you have labeled as Como is actually Midland Hills Golf Course. Como is another 4 miles outside the frame. Rosedale would be just off that corner, across the highway.