How a Twins exec puts the ‘class’ in ‘class act’

All Colin McLain of Brainerd wanted last night is to spend a nice night at the ballpark with his daughter.

But it was a rainy day and fans outstate no longer have the luxury of a domed field, you may have heard.

Twins President Dave St. Peter assured McLain that the game would be played, so start driving.

St. Peter, for the record, didn’t major in meteorology at the University of North Dakota. The game was rained out.

But St. Peter knows a thing or two about running a baseball team, regularly engaging with fans on Twitter and making the things right that other sports teams routinely blow off.

When McLain and his daughter got to Target Field, it was like swimming in Whiteley Creek.

McLain and his daughter, showed good Minnesota form with their attitude. So St. Peter did too.

When the game was rained out, St. Peter and the Twins stepped up.

With the assistance of Mike Herman, the Twins’ director of team travel, voila!

Those seats McLain and his daughter were going to sit in? Forget those.