4 examples that prove baseball is better than football

Oh, you still believe your football is better than baseball?

You’re just wrong. So very wrong.

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More reasons?

Football doesn’t have this guy. Baseball does.

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And baseball doesn’t have a stranglehold on corporate media to help cover-up the scandal of concussions.

  • I’m a big fan of this post.

  • Postal Customer

    George Carlin begs to differ.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      If you are referring to the piece I think you are Carlin doesn’t make a value judgement he just contrasts the style of the two sports.

  • Gary F
  • Matt K

    If every football team played 162 games a year you’d be sick of it after a month.

    • jon

      Isn’t that roughly how many games a professional football player gets in before they retire?

      • Matt K

        Perhaps optimistically…

  • Matt Black

    Don’t forget the amazing story telling abilities of Ernie Harwell, Vin Scully, and so many other great radio announcers. They all really made you feel like you were sitting right there in the park.

    • Keith P.

      Gotta love a shout-out for Ernie Harwell! A voice from my Detroit childhood.

      • Matt Black

        I grew up near Grand Rapids, MI and spent many school nights sneaking in a few more innings with Ernie. Even when I’m at a game in person, I can still hear him calling the action in my head.

        • “Called strike three. He stood there like a house by the side of the road!”

        • Keith P.

          Yep! The phrase I still hear in Harwell’s cadence inside my head is “2-2, the count on him.”

    • tboom

      The best radio announcers are the best story tellers. Something lacking now that announcers are required to concentrate on promotional tie-ins every double-play, manager trip to the mound and whatever else the sales staff can come up with.

  • Joe

    Exhibit M that Bob is an old white guy.

    • Right. Race. Got it. Good talk

      • Joe

        I mean the MLB has the whitest fans after NASCAR, the most male crowd of any sport, and the oldest fans after golf. So you fit square in their sweetspot.

        • I’d love to see the data.

          • Tim

            The Atlantic did an article on this last year based on the 2013 Nielsen data. Admittedly, it is one snapshot, but it’s something:


            According to this analysis, it’s actually the NASCAR fanbase that is the whitest and golf which is the oldest (MLB still being the most male).

          • Joe

            Well that is literally what I said (the whitest after NASCAR and the oldest after golf).

            I mean when my grandpa says golf is the greatest game ever, I take his age and status in life into account. Especially when his reasoning is that it’s a great way to spend a Wednesday morning in the summer. Hmmm, does being retired have something to do with that?

          • Tim

            Sorry, you’re right. I missed that you mentioned those.

          • Joe

            Tim cited one, here is another:
            (In that one golf is whiter than baseball as well, so baseball is third whitest)

            Here is another saying that though the demographics are old as hell (54 years old on average), it doesn’t matter because they are rich:

          • 54 is old as hell? Check back with me when you’re 54.

          • I wouldn’t mind seeing some methodology. I’m not included in the viewership survey because I don’t have cable and baseball is almost exclusively on pay TV now.

  • Keith P.

    Miguel Sano! I hope he has a long, illustrious career. The Twins have so many solid rookie/newer players that have been fun to watch.

    • I’ve been much more diligent about tuning in every day because I don’t want to miss any Sano at-bats.

  • Jeff

    Another Sanomer woke me up on the coach last night. (Just wanted to say “Sanomer”).

    Baseball is the best when it’s played well and means something (been lacking here the last 3 or 4 years). Otherwise, I recall sitting through 5 Gardenhire pitching changes at the end of a meaningless game last year, thinking more time I won’t get back.

  • Meh, I’ll stick with a sport the has players with razor blades on their feet and 60 minutes of action rather than the paltry 10-18 minutes of action with the rest of the time set aside for scratching, kicking the dirt, adjusting their equipment.

    • Tim

      Eighteen more days until preseason!

  • ec99

    Bread and circuses.


      • ec99

        Only by the fact I’m not paying for Pohlads’ and Ziggy’s stadiums.

  • Leo Eris

    Soccer is better than both.

    • I beg to differ

      /I’m VERY familiar with all of the sports mentioned thus far.

      • Leo Eris

        Yes, but you play with yourself. So your opinion is invalid.