After tripping, war refugee lands in a good spot

Funny how things turn out sometimes, isn’t it?

This might be the best thing that’s happened to Osama Abdul Mohsen in months.


Mohsen is the man carrying a child who was tripped by a Hungarian TV journalist — since fired — when they made a run for it while trying to escape the war in Syria.

The attention the trip garnered included the fact he was a soccer coach in Syria, which prompted a soccer academy in Spain to step forward and help rebuild his life.

Early this morning, Mohsen stepped off a train in Spain. He’ll have a job and his family will have a place to live.

“Now I feel that I am (flying) in the sky,” he told people waiting for him at the train station in Barcelona with his son Zaid and another son. “I am very happy.”

  • Rob
  • siouxinmn

    PLEASE stop calling her a journalist. She is a thug carrying a camera.

    • … who makes her living as a journalist. Sorry.

      • siouxinmn

        true journalists do not assault people & behave in this manner. sorry

        • jon

          True journalists? Is that like “Real america” or “Real men” or “legitimate rape”

          Just saying that person isn’t a member of whatever club you don’t want them to be a member of doesn’t make it true.
          The Upside? Just because some one who is a member of the same group doesn’t make that whole group guilty by association…
          For instance I’m a male, and I’ve never raped anyone, nor have I ever beaten my wife. This doesn’t make me a “Real man” I earned that title by virtue of my gender and not being imaginary.

          • There are good journalists and bad journalists and it’s inconsistent with the ideals of the profession to filter them out. She is what she is. So are some of the terrible journalists who haven’t tripped anyone today.

          • siouxinmn

            I guess I hold a higher standard. Ignoring nearly every principle of journalistic ethics disqualifies one in my book.

          • There’s a lot of high-falutin’ attitude among journalists and the self proclamation of possessing a “higher standard” is a pretty good example. A lot of journalists think of themselves as something special, ordained to a higher calling.

            But they’re people making a living who are engaged in telling stories. They’re no better, no worse, no more incapable of evil than any other segment of industriousness.

            Some of them are good, some of them are bad, but they’re still employed as journalists and therefore they are still journalists as a proper description. And accuracy still counts for something. Telling the story whitewashed for the purposes of public relations isn’t journalism.

            Journalists need to get over themselves.

            “Journalist” isn’t a status one awards oneself to denote an elite class of individual.

            It’s what they do for a living.

            How they act in that performance determines whether a much more important word gets stuck before “journalist” in a description.

  • John

    Extremely lucky guy, considering how high the unemployment rate is in Spain these days.

  • MrE85

    The expression on the face of young Zaid says it all. May they find peace, freedom and prosperity in their new country. ..

  • jon

    I have to wonder how often something terrible happens to some one and it works out for the best thanks to the 24 hour news cycle/internet/outrage inspiring those who can do something to actually do something.

    Here is hoping that it happens more instead of less, and some day every one who needs to win “the media lottery” gets a chance to have those who can help actually help.