Thieves steal car meant to help ALS victim

It shouldn’t be that easy to hide a restored classic 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass, but at last report there’s still no sign of the car, which was supposed to be raffled off to help the Caledonia, Minn., fire chief.

The car was stolen on Sunday, according to the Winona Daily News. It was seen a little while later at the Kwik Trip, then in Le Crescent heading for I-90, and hasn’t been seen since.

Fire chief Chuck Gavin was diagnosed with ALS last year and his friends had hoped to raise money by raffling the car off.

“Chuck’s just a pillar of the community and an awesome guy,” said Zehnder, himself a member of the fire department. “I just have so much respect for Chuck and what he’s brought to our fire department and community.”

This kind of violation of the community is one the community takes personally.

“Anytime you have crime around the community, you take ownership in that because we’re here to protect our citizens and do the best job we can with the manpower we have,” Zehnder said. “So when someone’s car gets stolen, you want to do your very best to get that taken care of. But when you’re looking at a benefit for a guy like that, it just kind of hits you a little harder.”

People have worked hard on the benefit to help Gavin and his family, “and for someone to come in and steal the car is just b——-,” he added.

The group is hoping to find another car to raffle, but it only has until September 12.