Little heat wave on the prairie

The Monarchs, bison, milkweed, upland sandpipers, and meadowlarks in Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne, Minn., didn’t care that a 90-degree heat wave had hit the region today. On the prairie, it’s their time of year.

Here’s a little Minnesota moment.

  • dukepowell


    Upon retirement, I’ll be looking to plant some native flora on my suburban lot. This footage gave me some ideas.

    BTW, while at work, I’m able to cruise the streets of Minneapolis. Its encouraging to see many home owners planting native species. Speaking with these folks is quite a learning experience.

    Want to know where all the honeybees went? Look around…. They are all over.

  • Jack

    I was so excited to see a Monarch Butterfly in my neighborhood last weekend. Makes me feel good that instead of pulling the milkweed, it is serving a purpose.

  • crystals

    Blue Mounds is my happy place. Thanks for giving me a few moments with it between visits.

  • Khatti

    I raise Bur Oaks as a hobby, have for twenty plus years now. One of my many egotistical, megalomaniac fantasies is to turn my little part of Southwest Minnesota into Sherwood forest.