Pol pines for cosmic cat disaster, gets earthly response

Rep. Pat Garofalo, has tweeted his way into another controversy, an online death wish.

The Farmington Republican, who once got some national attention for a tweet about NBA players some considered racist, turned his online ire to cat lovers gathered at CHS Field in downtown St. Paul last night for an evening watching cat videos.

Not surprisingly, that earned him some immediate pushback.


  • What. A. Tool.

  • Mike

    I like how he tells people to ‘relax’ and ‘get a sense of humor’. The problem with his comment is that it isn’t remotely funny. It is scary that he represents the people of his district, becuase I wouldn’t want that guy representing me.

    • lindblomeagles

      What’s worse ?!? If someone of Arabic descent made the same statement Garofolo made on Twitter, Garofolo would have taken that comment seriously, would have suggested all Arabic Americans be routinely searched in violation of their Civil Rights, and would have requested greater military conflict in Asia against ISIS.

      • Civitas

        What if Obama had said it?

        • Obama wouldn’t have said it.

          • Civitas

            You’re right. Let me change that to, “What if an internet rumor spread that Obama had said it?”

          • lindblomeagles

            Thanks Bob. What’s your point Civitas? Bob has already capable established Obama would not have said that, which is why there isn’t a rumor of him saying that now. Civitas, Garofolo is one white male, not ALL white males. Moreover, Garofolo has ALREADY indicated his position on minorities as Bob pointed out in this story. This is about Garofolo and not about anybody else but him.

          • Civitas

            What is your point, lindblomeagles? I was riffing on your comment about what Rep. Garofolo would have said if “someone of Arabic descent made the same statement.” I would suspect his outrage would have been just as great, if not greater, if President Obama had been reported as making that same statement. Reports about the statement would circulate for months, even after it had been debunked.
            I didn’t think I would have to explain myself with this level of detail.

  • Jack

    Glad I don’t live in his district. Glad I didn’t have Bachman represent me either.

    This is why voters need to understand who they are voting for.

  • joetron2030

    When will politicians learn it’s better to have an intern/staffer handle your social media? That way you can throw someone under the bus when this happens.

  • Postal Customer

    Not a fan of Pat Garofalo, but sometimes a joke is just a joke. I thought it was funny. But then, we’re talking about people who enjoy watching videos of cats, so I’m not surprised it went over like a led zeppelin.

    Good grief.

    • Jeff

      Be careful you might offend Jimmy Page.

      I took it as someone trying to be funny but then not really (like a lot of my posts). Also, I think it’s gotten so that people are overly sensitive to people being overly sensitive.

    • Pointa for pulling back the “you know, if the roof collapsed at First Avenue right now…” tweet.

    • Civitas

      I’m sure Rep. Garofalo would find it knee-slappingly funny if I made a joke about a meteorite hitting a Tea Party rally, or maybe the next Republican convention.

      What, where’s his sense of humor?

  • Beth-Ann Bloom

    Given the overwhelming number of women pictured at the cat video event I would say that once again Rep Garofalo needs to examine his biases as the impact both his “humor” and his legislative career

  • Jerry

    So Pat Garofalo hates the people who went to Internet Cat Video Festival. And the people who went to the Internet Cat Video Featival were pretty much hipsters. And nobody hates hipsters as much as other hipsters. So logically, does that make Pat Garofalo a hipster? Never would have thought.

    • abs

      seems distainful enough of his constituency to qualify