Charges: First responder stole money from boys killed in crash

We hate to start your day with the very worst among us, but WDAY’s story about a first responder who allegedly stole money from the wallets of two brothers killed in a car crash can’t be ignored.

Zach and Connor Kvalvog, of South Fargo, were on their way to basketball camp earlier this summer when they were killed in the crash on I-94 in Dalton, Minn., south of Fergus Falls.

Their dad had given them each $100 to spend on their outing, but when he and his wife received the personal items of the boys, the money was gone.

WDAY says Tara Lindquist, a member of the Dalton Fire and Rescue Squad, has confessed to taking the money from the boys and also two people who were injured in the crash.

“And it doesn’t anger me at all,” Kathie Kvalvog, the boys’ mother, said. “It bothers me that they were there to help my children. So did they? I don’t know. Could they have done something else other than worrying about how much money was in their wallets? And I guess we need to say this cannot happen. I don’t know if they could have done more. I don’t know.”

“If you’ve done it to these boys, who else have you done it to?” Ray Kvalog told Valley News Live.

Lindquist is charged in Otter Tail County with a single count of theft — a misdemeanor.