Speeding crackdown providing Twitter entertainment

Just as it was during the crackdown on distracted driving, the Minnesota State Patrol’s Twitter account has been delightful, if depressing, reading since the start of its two-week crackdown on speeding.

The bottom line? Some people shouldn’t be driving. At all.

How on earth does a kid get stopped for speeding…twice?

And Minnesotans could use some better excuses than the ones we apparently come up with.

Much better excuses…

The feed also provides fodder for a discussion. We get the speeding part in this one, for example. But an open bag of potato chips? So what?

A fair number of those cited in the Twitter accounts are men in their 20s. We wouldn’t mind finding out what kind of vehicle they’re driving. Because ye olde Subaru this old man drives won’t go over 100.

Note to self: They’ll stop you for going just 12 miles over the speed limit.