Son tells homeless, piano player dad: Clean up your act

A postscript on the story from earlier this week in which a homeless man got some fame for playing a piano in an art installation outside a Florida nightspot:

Donald Gould, who acknowledges being a drunk and an addict, had hoped the attention would allow him to reunite with his son.

It has.

TV news stations have tried to make the story a warm and fuzzy, but it’s not. Not yet.

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The two got back together — via computer — for the first time in 15 years on Tuesday.

“I’ve thought about him and I knew he was out there and I just thought about him,” his son said.

His son, who lives with a family who adopted him in Michigan, declined an in-person meeting. He said he needed some time to digest things.

Earlier, a Michigan TV station asked the young man what he’d say to his father. He couldn’t answer the question.

By the time the two “met” each other this week, his son had come up with something to say.

“I hope you get your act cleaned up,” he said.