Professional heckler says he didn’t heckle MN Zoo bear

The story about the Minnesota Zoo bear’s hissyfit yesterday has an interesting twist. The person who witnessed the bear smashing the glass barrier is apparently a renowned heckler.

Robin Ficker specializes in making life miserable for other humans.

But was Ficker heckling the bear yesterday?

“No, I was not heckling these bears,” he tells the Washington Post. “I was not ‘giving them therapy,’ as I like to call it. I was enthralled watching them in the pool wrestling and trying to bite each other. These were healthy, young, strong bears. These were not the typical zoo bears that you see sitting in one spot. I was really enjoying watching them.”

Ficker made a name for himself by heckling NBA players (which explains the weird Wes Unseld reference he used to explain yesterday’s bear action). But his passion is wrestling, which might explain his attraction to the bears.