The superstar and the kid heckler

Can your little sport of football do this?

Miguel Cabrera and a kid at the game in Cleveland last night teamed up to show us why baseball remains the national pastime.

The kid caught a line drive foul ball, then started talking trash to Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera, who — for the record — hasn’t beat his kid, clocked his girlfriend in an elevator, or deflated baseballs (update: OK, fine, so maybe he threatened to blow people up. Once).

Then, the pair gave us our daily dose of cute.

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“I just told Miggy, ‘I got your back,'” the kid said when interviewed a few minutes later. He said he told the star, ‘You need to be fired up; you look bored out there.'”

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As long as we’re on the subject of kids and baseball, we have a new leader this morning in the “best one-handed catch while holding your baby” category.

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The Dodgers announcers called for the fan to be ejected, proving there are still fools in baseball, too.