Rochester high school tennis dream ends

A Rochester high school’s march in the state high school boy’s tennis tournament has ended.

Century Senior High School had hoped to ride to a title on the shirt-tails of the first girl ever to play a singles match in the boy’s tournament, but Jessie Aney ran into a problem in her match yesterday on the University of Minnesota campus.

“It is hard to compete with a guy who is just as talented as you are, but also taller, stronger and faster,” Aney told the Rochester Post-Bulletin. “That’s the difference between an elite boys player and an elite girls player.”

Forest Lake junior Toby Boyer, the No. 2 player in the state, won in straight sets before a full house.

“Sometimes I’d look around (at the crowd) during my matches and just smile,” said Aney, who was unbeaten this season, ranked sixth in the state, and the Section 1AA champion.

“I love playing in front of a lot of people and I love when the crowd gets into the matches. It just gets me pumped up and wanting to make great shots. It’s what tennis is all about.”

Under Minnesota State High School League rules, Aney was eligible to play in the boy’s tournament because she doesn’t play in the girls’ high school tennis program.

  • joetron2030

    Sorry to hear their (and her) run in the tournament ended. But, man, what a great sports story!

  • boville

    Excellent story. Miss Aney had considerable success while she played in the ITF tour. She has excellent leg strength, accuracy, balance, and stamina. Sadly, she had only a two rest period between matches. Had the game been played on a clay surface which slows down serves and generates more serve-and-volley she may have done even better. Were it not for these factors, she may well have won the match.