Now playing at the airport: Broadway smackdown

Here’s another entry in our occasional series, “Why Doesn’t This Ever Happen to Me at the Airport?”

At Laguardia on Sunday night, flights were delayed for several hours because of weather, which would have been worse had the casts of Broadway productions of The Lion King and Aladdin not been among the passengers.

The freestyle rap is courtesy of Tony Award winner James Monroe Iglehart.

Two thumbs up for the rare moments of unbridled joy.

  • John

    Because you fly yourself, rather than commercial like the rest of us cattle.

    (this sort of thing has not yet happened to me anywhere)

    • Unfortunately, if I actually HAVE to be somewhere, I have no choice but commercial. Also, my wife isn’t that keen on flying small airplanes.

      • John

        Fair. The motto of commercial flight:

        “Sure it sucks. In fact, it’s terrible, but if you need to get across the country or around the world fast, we’re your only choice.”

        A little wordy, but I’m sure marketing can trim it down.

        • “Time to spare? Go by air!”

          • John

            “Not too far, go by car!”

            I’m trying to think of one for Amtrak, but train and glacier don’t rhyme.

          • John

            I got it!!

            “Late without fail? Go by rail!”

  • Al

    I always assumed our choir airport singalongs were kind of a pain in the neck for other travelers. Maybe I was wrong.

    • I’d say we need to see video to decide. :*)

      • Al

        Thankfully, this was just barely in the pre-YouTube era. So, no dice.

  • That. Was. Awesome.