Bicycling on I-94: The GPS made me do it

There was a time, whippersnappers, when we were able to get places on our bikes without a GPS. Sometimes we’d just follow a road in the general direction of where we wanted to go and usually we’d get there.

Unlike where I grew up, this is pretty easy in the Midwest, where the roads run straight north and south and east and west, just as God intended.

So this video, released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, is a good commentary on the state of navigation.

The bike rider was riding east on I-94 near the Highway 280 interchange when the state gendarmes intervened.

The 14-year-old girl intended to exit on Cretin, because that’s what her GPS told her to do, the Pioneer Press reports.

The State Patrol said it’s unusual to find people bicycling on I-94 (which is illegal), but look what MPR’s Cathy Wurzer spied on the traffic cameras today in Woodbury.

Big points, by the way, to the kid in the video above for wearing a helmet.

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