Apple pitches in to help $1-million-a-month ballplayer

Thanks to Apple, a Major League Baseball player is going to get the ball he hit for his 100th Major League homerun.

When Brandon Moss (2015 salary: $6.5 million) hit his home run last week, members of the Cleveland Indians bullpen retrieved it, and then issued a ransom note for its return.

Every player demanded an Apple product, ranging from an Apple 6 (about $400) to an Apple Watch (about $1,000).

Moss didn’t pay.

“Then I see the list and I said, “I think I can do none of this. This is like $10 grand worth of stuff. I would have rather a fan caught the ball,” he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

He didn’t have to. Apple sent each of the players the item on their wish list, then had the ball secretly flown to California where it was the opening act in today’s Apple developers conference.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Holds up a baseball as he delivers the keynote address Monday during an Apple developers conference. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images