Zoo levels criticism in wake of otter-iPhone battle

There’s some pushback against the video of an otter at the Red River zoo in Fargo destroying an iPhone encased in an OtterBox protective case.

“Rather than having people standing around videotaping it, it would have been nice if someone was more concerned for the otter and if they could’ve come find a staff member right away so that we could have dealt with it sooner rather than later,” Zoo executive director Lisa Tate tells the Fargo Forum.

Tate was particularly upset about Valley News Live’s coverage, saying it should’ve included information about the danger of foreign objects to otters.

“We did not know about the story ahead of time, we heard about it just like the public,” Tate said. “I have to say, I was very disappointed; that’s not journalism to me.”

The TV station, we note, is a competitor to Forum Communications’ WDAY.