Video: A midnight lesson in ugly politics at MN House

Two things the public should never see: How sausage is made and how laws come to be.

That’s the old adage, anyway, and it seems appropriate to mention it today given the crazy rush to the end of the Minnesota legislative session Monday night.

To meet a midnight deadline, Minnesota House leaders pretended everyone knew what they were voting for and then pretended they didn’t hear the outcries. Here’s the video:

Republicans are in charge of the House, so this one was on them. But this kind of political chicanery isn’t confined to one party. It’s always been part of the deal.

In a video and social media world, we just get to see it. But we still can’t stop it.

  • jon

    With no idea what they are voting on (in theory) ~2/3rd of them still managed to vote…

  • Kassie

    I’m seeing on Twitter that H.F.1077, which is the first passed bill in this video is not the bill they thought, but a bill that already had passed.

  • Jack

    Disgusting no matter which party is in charge.

  • Hamliner

    A few Legislative branch members delight in beating up the Executive Branch agency staff in hearings and the press about incompetence and accountability. Nice words. Exec Br doesn’t really say anything back due to professionalism and protocol. The electorate gets to weigh in on Legislature’s performance. Here’s mine: Bull hockey. This year WAS a mess and incredibly out of the public’s scrutiny in both House and Senate. Nice transportation bill DFL and IR…