The next big thing in sports? Why not soccer in a bubble?

Perhaps soccer is on to something here.

It’s called bubble soccer and it’s just like real soccer except there’s no goalies, there’s a fair amount of scoring, and players play inside bubbles. Oh, and people don’t take it so seriously.

In the U.S., it appears to have started in Chicago and is inching this way.

Six teams are in the league over in Madison this year, according to the Capital Times.

Players can hardly see to pass the ball to each other. Goalies stand with their upper bodies tilted forward, to peer out a hole in the top of the bubble suit, to see if players and the ball are making their way toward the goal.

But the lack of visibility doesn’t keep the players from having a great time. Teammates holler encouragement from the sidelines (“The ball’s still there!”, “Go Peter! She’s wearing a bubble, it’ll be fine! Crush her!”) and cheer players who have fallen and can’t seem to maneuver well enough in their bubble to get up quickly.

“I think most people have figured out (how to get up) now,” said Christie Low, the twentysomething who quit her job at Epic to start the league. “But, at the first game, there were people rolling on the ground for, like, two minutes.”

There’s a diversity of players on the league’s teams, ranging from twentysomethings to 60-year-olds.

The sport appears to have started in 2011 as a joke in Norway by comedians Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011.