The lost bike rider of Northfield

Sure, at first blush it looks like Northfield just took itself out of the running for most bicycle-friendly city in Minnesota. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. There’s lots of bike parking in the city, and even two repair stations. But it caused a bit of a stir anyway.

Still, this dismantling of the bike locked to a traffic signpost today presents a mystery to us.

Whose bike is it? It’s been there since last fall, according to Griff Wigley on Facebook.


Wigley says he contacted City Hall and found officials put a sign on it a week ago requesting it be moved within 48 hours. It wasn’t, obviously.

But where’s the owner? He/she obviously didn’t intend to just abandon the bike, otherwise he/she wouldn’t have locked it to an object.

  • Thanks for the attention, Bob. As I later commented, although I didn’t opinionate about the cutting the lock and removing the bike, in retrospect, I’m thinking it would have been better if I’d done a little more investigating before posting the video. The devil (social media) made me do it! #iamnotajournalist

    • Nah. I do think we have to find the Dufresnes though.