Prince returns to the Internet

 In this Feb. 8, 2015 file photo, Prince presents the award for album of the year at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.  (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

I’ll be with you in a moment. I’m just checking “post a Prince concert online without getting served with court papers from Prince” off my bucket list.

Earlier this month, Prince invited fans to Paisley Park for a “Dance Rally 4 Peace,” asking attendees to wear grey in honor of Freddie Gray.

Today, in an unusual gesture for an artist who is exceedingly protective of the digital life of his music, Prince has uploaded the entire 41-minute recording to his SoundCloud account.

As usual, the music scribes are determined to analyze what this means.

“Prince seems to be once again embracing social media as the rocker,” says Rolling Stone.

“The uncharacteristic move clearly hits home how convicted he is about resolving the matters at hand,” says Star Tribune music critic Chris Riemenschneider, referring to the events in Baltimore.

“The set as a whole is a reminder of both Prince’s political relevance and just how hard he can rock,” Slate says.