Unable to get a piece of CEO’s $19M, bank worker quits

Tyrel Oates, the Wells Fargo bank employee in Oregon who wrote to CEO John Stumpf last year asking for a $10,000 raise for him and his colleagues, isn’t waiting around for a response, apparently.

Oates has been working for the bank for seven years, making about $15 an hour, and he was taken aback by $19 million salary.

Business Insider reports he’s left the company, but not before sending Stumpf one final letter.


“Unfortunately, school has gotten to the point where a more flexible schedule is needed,” he said on his Facebook page. “I had planned to send a follow up to the email from back in October, but out of respect for the changes in the communication policies and no possible workaround, I was unable to send it to the company. I have; however, sent it to the Board of Directors as well as Mr. Stumpf.”

He said he plans to go into agriculture.

(h/t: Burl Gilyard)

Here’s the full letter: