In rain delay, Blyleven strikes out with Detroit

(6:48 p.m. – See update at bottom of post)

Bert Blyleven, the Twins broadcaster, might have learned a valuable lesson today. When your team stinks and it has turned in four straight 90-loss seasons, it’s probably not smart to criticize the city that’s won five straight division titles and, oh by the way, has shut out your squad in the first two games of the season.

It started with this tweet during the rain delay of today’s no-contest between the Twins and Tigers.

Detroit fans love their city.

Given the opportunity, Blyleven doubled down.

For some reason, nobody tweeted this back to Blyleven.

Update 6:48 p.m. – Blyleven’s employers have apologized.

(h/t: Lonnie Goldsmith)