Golf’s personality no longer an American fit

All of the region’s golf courses have opened, a news release told me last week. And The Masters starts this week.

It’s a good time to be a golfer, but for the fact there aren’t all that many golfers anymore.

The Economist today looks at what happened to the sport.

It says golf’s calm place no longer fits America’s personality. Also, people are too broke to play.

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  • Gary F

    And it takes too long.

    • Jeff

      Not much longer than a MLB game. But then I don’t get a nap.

  • Maybe, just maybe, we as Americans should be looking to model our lifestyles a little more like the game of golf? Slow down, take 4hrs to be outside and just walk around and socialize with a few friends, have some missed hits but still revel in the one or two moments of glory that inevitably happen each round. Wear funny pants, ride the pony after sinking a putt, and quit taking ourselves a bit too seriously.

    If the game takes too long, go to a shorter course, play 9 holes, and for your own sake, quit racing to the end. Enjoy the experience.

  • Jim G

    My golf partners were members of the Greatest Generation. They’re almost all gone now and the golf bag sits unused next to the aluminium ladder which gets more play.

  • Vince Tuss

    As fewer get to retire and more older people have to do some work in retirement age, I suppose that’s another strike against golf. Myself, I’m on my third year of trying to find time to get to the neighborhood driving range.

  • Mike

    Too expensive and courses are a waste of water. For the cost of green fees for one round, I can go walk around at any state park for a year.

  • BJ

    Played since I was 4 or 5 with my grandparents. I got my first new set of clubs for Christmas after I turned 29. Went out 3 times and to the range 3-4 times that next summer. Daughter was born the next September and have not gotten out since. She’s 12 now.

    I look at them in the garage and think I should go play again.

  • LilAsil

    Not a fan of gold for a number of reasons. A primary one being the impact on the environment.

  • Tim

    I’ve never played a round of golf (of the non-miniature variety, at least) and I’ve only been to a driving range twice. I love spending time outside, but for me there are too many other outdoor activities that are cheaper or more interesting.
    I also don’t think there’s as much golf being played for business reasons as there used to be, though I know it’s still done.

  • Bill

    Golf is awesome — disc golf! One way to make the under-used courses into something fun.

  • joetron2030

    I’m signed up for my two 8-week session of golf through the Three Rivers Park District for my 7th summer. 9 holes every week rain or shine. Considering what you get out of the deal, it’s a bargain. I always walk (it’s only 9 holes on the exec course).

    If not for this, I’d probably get even less exercise than I do during the summers. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my game since I started playing regularly.