Attempt to save money in rocket launch provides thrills

(Update 3:31 p.m. – Today’s launch was aborted.)

Thousands of people will probably be glued to opening day of the Minnesota Twins but for us science nerds, this is where we’ll be turned around 3:30 this afternoon: a live feed of SpaceX’s attempt to land a used rocket on a barge in the ocean.

The last time this was tried, it didn’t go that well.

So close.

Back in the day, NASA would just litter the ocean with old rockets. But back in the day, the government had plenty of money to throw away. Now, space is being privatized and money matters.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that’s like throwing away a new 747 after one flight to London.

Today’s launch will send a supply ship to the International Space Station.

Live coverage begins at 2:30 CT.