Time to let Pete Rose back into baseball

Pete Rose in 1978. (AP Photo)

Now that Bud Selig is no longer the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Pete Rose might be allowed back.

The new commissioner, Rob Manfred, says he’s received a request from Rose for reinstatement. Manfred didn’t say “no,” at least not yet.

“I’m prepared to deal with that request on its merits,” Manfred said.

Rose was thrown out of the game for betting on games, and his readmission could pave the way for his entry into the Hall of Fame. He’s still the all-time career leader in hits.

If Manfred needs any help, he can turn to the seventh-grade class at Ashland Middle School in Kentucky where Abby Campbell is assembling 4,256 reasons (same number as his hit total) why he should be allowed back in the game.

Here are the top five:

1. We are a forgiving nation and he has more than paid for his betting crime.
2. Baseball gives so many 2nd chances to players, but not Pete, why?
3. Pete Rose still is the greatest ambassador for the game.
4. The majority of baseball fans want him in the Hall of Fame.
5. The Hall of Fame currently has over 20 items of Pete’s in the Hall, but will not allow him on a plaque? Are you kidding me?

She’s got 2,000 of these so far and if she comes up with 2,255 more, she already has No. 4,256: “It’s 4,256 hits,” she said, “and steroids, zero.”

Maybe No. 4,255 should be “there are people who went to prison for killing people, got out, killed more people, and got out again in the 25 years Rose has been banned from baseball.”